Frequently Asked Questions:

My uncle has a camcorder and has offered to tape our wedding. Why should I hire a professional?
Is an edited video worthwhile?
Why not just get raw tapes of the entire day?

How can we insure the best video quality?
How can we insure the best sound quality?
Why use 2 cameras
Why should I have my wedding day videotaped?
Will I watch my video more than once

Q: My uncle has a camcorder and has offered to tape our wedding. Why should I hire a professional?

A: This is a one-take event, with no chances to go back and re-shoot mistakes or missed shots. Our professional staff has the experience and knows how to capture the best possible images at your wedding, gathered from years of experience. Furthermore, we only use professional equipment. Amateur camcorders lack the capability to capture clear crisp images and the sounds of your event.

One of the most important parts of recording your event is the post-production work involved in making your video engaging, professional and a delight to watch. Hiring a professional allows your uncle to enjoy the festivities at your wedding, instead of being stuck behind the camera.

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Q: Is an edited video worthwhile?  Why not just get raw tapes of the entire day?

A: Unedited tapes are useful for archival purposes, but the final edited video is the one that you will want to watch. Of the many differences between amateur and professional video, the most significant one is editing.  A well edited video flows smoothly from beginning to end, combining the best camera angles and audio tracks at any given time, engaging the viewer's attention and emotions.  We are not only video editors with technical backgrounds. We also have artistic sensibility which gives your video a dynamic look. People remember quality productions, and want to see them over again.

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Q: How can we insure the best video quality?

A: Experience! Our staff has worked on countless productions for broadcast television and direct to consumer.
We use the newest and best professional 3 CMOS HDV (High Definition Video) cameras, such as the Sony V1U, which deliver broadcast quality video. Our professional videographers are extremely skilled in handling these cameras to maximize their full potential.  These cameras also provide good image quality in dimly lit conditions such as an indoor reception.  We sometimes use additional camera mounted lights to improve the image quality in very dimly lit situations when necessary.  

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Q: Why use 2 cameras?
A: Using at least two cameras is recommended for the ceremony, since this will provide multiple views of the ceremony without having to move around and be disruptive.  More than one camera angle also provides multiple shots to choose from later during the editing process. Since this is a one-take event, unplanned incidents occasionally occur, for example a photographer, guest, or wedding party member may block one camera view at times, a battery might need to be changed, or the camera may get bumped. Two cameras help to insure better coverage.

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Q: How can we insure the best sound quality?

A: Camera-mounted microphones are inadequate for capturing good sound at a wedding ceremony.  Audio is captured using either a wireless lapel microphone (mic) and/or a shotgun mic positioned towards the bride and groom hidden at a distance.  The lapel mic is typically placed on the groom's jacket. The bride, groom, and officiant normally stand close enough so that all three are recorded clearly by this mic.  Only professional quality microphones are used.

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Q: Why should I have my wedding day videotaped?

A: After your wedding day, you will forget about 90% of it by the time you return from your honeymoon!
After months of careful planning to make your celebration perfect, your day will have gone by in a blur. Laughter shared with friends and family, the walk down the aisle, speaking your vows, your first dance, the toasts, the farewells, the outpouring of love that you will experience — will be mostly forgotten. As wedding videographers, we specialize in capturing those memories as only a motion picture can and preserving them for you to relive and to pass down to future generations.

Also, because your party is happening at every table and in every corner of the room simultaneously, video is the only way you can be there too. You’ll not only be able to relive your key moments of the day, you’ll also be able to watch your friends celebrate as well.

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Q: Will I watch my video more than once?

A: Former brides tell us they watch their videos over and over again, and seeing younger looking parents getting married fascinates their children. We're creating a video of your wedding day that is fun to share and relive with family and friends. But most importantly, you'll have a permanent record of an amazing moment in time that will be passed down to future generations

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